Keets Fish Farm Your Rainbow Trout Supplier!

Opening is typically middle of April (weather dependent). Once we are open for the season, we typically are out of fish 4 weeks after opening. We will be open 7 days a week 9-5pm. This includes Saturdays and Sundays. If these times do not work please call and make an appointment.

Fish Sizes or quantity are NEVER guaranteed when placing a request. We do our best to honor request, but this is a live product and quantities can fluctuate frequently. Sizes can vary (bigger or smaller) and as such prices may be adjusted accordingly at the time the fish are picked up to reflect this.

Fish Prices
5" $1.50
6" $1.90
7" $2.35

Brook Trout 7" $3.65

Fish Feed 18kg bag $90

Pond Dye:
1 gal ($75.00 each)
2.5 gal ($175.00 each)
x 5 gal ($320.00 each)

There are 25-100 fish per bag depending on the size of the fish and how far the fish are traveling.

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